Causes of Bad Breath & How to Treat It?

According to the research, if you have a bad breath then it is embarrassing. Many people didn’t know about their bad breath. Having bad breath means that you are not caring your dental health and your oral hygiene is not proper. It is about your oral health problems. Bad breath creates bad impact and embarrassing for peoples those around you. Even having bad breath, you don’t want to hear that you have a bad breath. It worse to hear. Bad breath is also known as halitosis. But there are many ways to fight with the bad breath and to remove. It is easy to fix. You can fix it with proper oral hygiene, regular checkups and use prescribed medicine by a dentist to prevent you from bad breath.

What Is Bad Breath?
The bad breath is also known as halitosis. It is an unpleasant smell that are coming from the mouth. Bad breath is a common cause and creates psychological distress. Bad breath is a chronic condition and may occur on occasions. It is mainly due to the food you eat, oral hygiene, disease or other factors. You can remove bad breath by proper caring.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are many causes of bad breath we are going to talk about are as follows:

Eating food is a main cause of bad breath. If you are eating food and their food particles stuck between the teeth and the gums that particle can cause of odors. Food like onion and garlic can cause of bad breath. When they are digested then their particles will create a smell and cause of bad breath.

Low Carb Diets
Low carb diets is also a cause of bad breath. Fasting and low carbohydrate food can cause of bad breath and certain chemicals that are released from burning fats of body can also cause of bad breath.

Tobacco Use
the use of tobacco can create bad breath. Because cigarettes and cigars have nicotine may a chance to stick in the teeth, gums and tongue released lingering odor. Tobacco can cause of bad breath by their own type. It can also cause of damaging or creating gum infection.

Coffee and Alcohol
By the consumption of coffee and alcohol, it can create bad breath. Because they can dry the mouth and affect the saliva production. It can built bacteria helps to grow and cause of bad breath.

Dental Hygiene
The improper dental hygiene can cause of bad breath. After eating food you should brush floss to remove the remaining food particles which is stuck between the tooth and gums. If didn’t clean that remaining food particles which helps to flourish bacteria then it can create and increase bad breath.

The use of medicine helps to create side effect and arises bad breath. There are many medicine can cause of bad breath. You should consult a dentist or doctor to stop a medicine.

Treatment of Bad Breath

If you want to clean your mouth and don’t want a bad breath you should concentrate on your dental hygiene. A proper oral hygiene can help to remove the bad breath. Make sure that you have to brush and floss twice a day which helps to treat the bad breath. After eating food you should brush your teeth to remove remaining food particles. Don’t eat sugary and acidic food which creates bad breath. You must control your coffee and alcohol consumption. Use glass of water mix with salt which helps to clean your mouth. if you want a fresh smile, you must consider above mentioned ways.